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Why attend the VSB Mentoring Program?

By: Dylan Gosein

I recently attended the VSB mentor program information session. This mentoring program is a great way to expand your professional network. As a student at Villanova University, I would strongly recommend other students who have missed this event to consider getting involved in this program. Many students have a difficult time trying to figure out what type of career they want to pursue in the future. This program is a great way to gain exposure and experience to the different branches of potential careers you might have an interest in.

I have always wanted to major in finance. However, the major finance is extremely broad. Therefore, I have been unsure about what I want to pursue in the field of finance. Joining this mentor program is a great exploratory option in finding careers in numerous fields. Not only will you gain a large amount of exposure, but it is also an opportunity to have professional guidance at your side to answer any confusing questions you might have on your potential future career. They are many Villanova resources on campus and having an Alumni mentor might be one of the best ways to attain information that may be difficult to acquire. As a result, I think Villanovans must take full advantage of this program.

Once you are accepted into the program, a committee matches you with a mentor based on field and industry of interest, desired work location, and skill-building goals using state of the art technology. Essentially the mentor you will be in contact with is tailored to best fit your personal needs. It is required that an individual meets with their mentor three to four times a semester. He or she will not only guide you in the right direction to meet your future career goals but they can also be an important connection to have in your network to attain a job of interest. There has been approximately 1200+ student alumni/mentee pairs since January 2014. I believe that all Villanova students should take advantage of this opportunity. It is a great way to have a one on one relationships. It can also build your network within the Villanova community. They are many ways to get involved and meet a variety of people to further progress as an individual. However, I strongly recommend joining this program because it is one of the best methods of getting connected in the world of business or any field that potentially fits your interest.